Precious Metal Clad Materials

Multi-layer and multi-strip tapes available.
Your choice of width and thickness in long lengths.

Precious metals clad on strips of copper and iron based alloys. Multi-layer and multi-strip tapes of variable widths and thicknesses are produced using Tanaka’s own unique continuous bonding process. These materials demonstrate the highest level of performance while utilizing a minimum amount of precious metals. Beryllium copper based tapes and solder clad materials are also available.


  • Available in a wide range of thicknesses, from 0.5 µm to 50% of total thickness.
  • High bonding strength allows a high degree of bending.
  • We supply a long length tapes with a high precision finish.
Total plate thickness (mm) Tolerance (mm)
Thickness Width
< 0.05 ±0.003 ±0.05
0.05 to < 0.10 ±0.005 ±0.05
0.10 to < 0.30 ±0.01 ±0.1
0.30 to < 0.60 ±0.02 ±0.15
0.60 to 1.00 ±0.03 ±0.2

Cross-section of bond part

Cross-section of bond part
Examples of material combinations
Precious Metals Base material Shape Total thickness (mm) Total width (mm) Cladding width (mm) Cladding thickness ratio (mm)
I 0.025~0.5 7~30 0.5~5.0 1/20~1/2
I 0.1~1.0 7~50 1.0~10.0 1/20~2/3
Ag BFM * KOV O 0.05~0.6 7~30 7~30 1/15~1/3

* Brazing Filler Metals

  1. For shapes,”1″ indicates an inlay type and “0” indicates an overlay type.
  2. Contact us regarding materials, shapes and dimensions.

Width Precision Cladding thickness ratio

Width Precision Cladding thickness ratio
  • W1,W2 = ±0.3


  • Micro-motor brushes, commutator
  • sensors, switches, relays, connectors, etc.
<Cladding for sliding contacts>
Cladding for sliding contacts
<Cladding for sealing>
Cladding for sealing
<Cladding for switching contacts>
Cladding for switching contacts
<Cladding for heat dissipation>
Cladding for heat dissipation

Types of Bonding Materials

Main Applications: Micro-motor brushes, sensors
Name Composition(wt%) Vickers
hardness (reference value)
Pt Au Ag Pd Other
SP-1 10 10 30 35 Cu, others 270~360
SP-3 0.5 40 43 Cu 230~320
AgPd50 50 50 160~230
GDB-1 67 30 Other 150~220
AgPd30 70 30 140~210
Main Applications: Micro-motor commutators, slide switches
Name Composition(wt%) Vickers
hardness (reference value)
Pt Au Ag Pd Other
SP-2 5 70 10 Cu, others 170~210
CDF-10 90 Cu, others 125~175
CDF-2 92.5 Cu, others 120~170
AgCuNi 95.5 Cu, others 110~160
CDF-4 98.2 0.5 Cu, others 85~150


  • Tanaka provides clad products with a base material tailored to the application including C1020, C5210, C7701, CuNiSn alloys, BeCu, Kovar, and Corson alloys. Please inquire regarding combinations with bonding materials.