Hook and Loop for Display Assembly(Post)

    Did you know that Hook and Loop is a highly popular tape that is used within the display and signage industry? Whether you need to secure two pieces of materials together or to secure a sign ...

    Duraco is a Leading Tape and Materials Supplier for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)(Post)

    The COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact every aspect of people’s daily lives. Since the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the COVID-19 outbreak a pandemic there has been an unprecedented d ...

    Duraco Acquires Filmquest Group (Post)

    OPENGATE CAPITAL PORTFOLIO COMPANY DURACO SPECIALTY TAPES ACQUIRES FILMQUEST GROUPSecond Add-on Expands Product Offering into Specialty Films Within the Flexible Packaging MarketLOS ANGELES, CA – ...

    Duraco Acquires Infinity Tapes(Post)

    OpenGate Capital Portfolio Company Duraco Specialty Tapes Acquires Infinity Tapes. Acquisition Expands Product Offering in High Growth Markets.LOS ANGELES, CA – March 3ʳᵈ, 2020 – OpenGate Capital, a ...

    Duraco Welcomes New Vice President of Sales(Post)

    Forest Park, IL – August 14th, 2020 - Duraco is proud to welcome Martha Sloboda, Vice President of Sales to the company. Martha joins Duraco with over 20 years of adhesives, coatings, technical mat ...

    Duraco Offers New LSE (Low Surface Energy) Tape Products(Post)

    Duraco is announcing the launch of a brand-new LSE adhesive system to meet customer demand and help overcome challenges by providing design versatility when working with hard-to-bond surfaces. The ...

    Duraco Specialty Tapes Acquires Rayven Inc., Strengthening the Company’s Integrated Specialty Materials Solutions Capabilities(Post)

    Fourth Add-On in 24 Months Advances Duraco’s Position as a Leading Provider of Specialty Coatings and Converted Materials in North America FOREST PARK, IL – December 8, 2021 – OpenGate ...

    Duraco Specialty Tapes, an OpenGate Capital Portfolio Company, Names Ed Byczynski as Chief Executive Officer(Post)

    Tenured Operating Executive Brings Growth Management to Specialty Tapes and Films BusinessLOS ANGELES, CA and FOREST PARK, IL – May 06, 2021 – Duraco Specialty Tapes (“Duraco”) announced today in a j ...

    ​Duraco Specialty Tapes Acquires 3 Sigma, Expanding Its Coating and In-House Formulation Capabilities and Marking Three Add-Ons in 24 Months(Post)

    Third Add-On Significantly Enhances Duraco’s Ability to Deliver Custom Products for High-Growth Sectors FOREST PARK, IL – December 2, 2021 – OpenGate Capital portfolio company, Duraco Spe ...

    Tapes for Producing Essential Applications(Post)

    The COVID-19 pandemic has pushed Duraco to think outside of the box as it has received customer requests to help them by providing adhesive tapes and materials that are used in a variety of essential ...

    Signed, Sealed, and Delivered - Duraco's Yours.(Post)

    There is one thing we are all doing more of lately, buying things online to have them shipped to us. All of us, everywhere, are having items put into a box, bag or envelope which are being sent to us ...

    Tape Solutions for PPE Equipment (Post)

    The use of personal protective equipment (PPE) has become essential to defend against the spread of germs and the COVID-19 virus. Duraco adhesive tapes and materials can be used to manufacture d ...

    Tapes for Sealing Direct-to-Consumer Packaging (Post)

    E-commerce and online shopping have been on the rise and it is only expected to grow by the end of 2020 and going forward. The recent pandemic has boosted the need of online direct-to-consumer (DTC) ...

    Tape Solutions for ​Manufacturing RV’s(Post)

    When manufacturing recreational vehicles (RV’s), Duraco tapes and sealant products can be used to enhance manufacturing productivity. Whether you are producing custom RV’s or in mass production, ...

    Tapes + Foam Materials That Speed Up Demanding PPE Production(Post)

    Most people do not understand the importance of adhesive-backed foam tapes and their role in the COVID-19 pandemic response effort.Tape and foam materials are essential to quickly assemble and produc ...

    Tape Solutions for Mounting Wall Décor(Post)

    When designing wall décor applications, you can utilize Duraco’s removable tapes in your end products as an option for your customers to easily mount or hang their décor without damaging the wal ...

    Packaging Tapes for Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG)(Post)

    An ongoing trend in consumer packaged goods (CPG) production is to excel in packaging operations while producing quality packaging. Both of these needs can be fulfilled by using pressure sensitive a ...

    Bonding Solutions for Thin Substrates (Post)

    Pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) film tapes consist of a thin double-sided adhesive that can be found on both sides of the carrier to easily bond flat substrates together. Unlike bulky foam ...

    How to Properly Store Adhesive Tapes (Post)

    When you purchase tape, choosing the right adhesive is extremely important to ensure it will work in your application. However, choosing the right environment to store your adhesive tape is just a ...

    Retail Solutions to Combat COVID-19 (Post)

    The Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has spiked a market change for the Point-of-Purchase (POP) industry. Recognized brands have started to partner with leading retailers. This is to better serve cu ...

    When to Use High Bond Tapes(Post)

    Duraco High Bond® is an easy to use adhesive tape that conveniently joins substrates together without the use of rivets, welds, liquid adhesives, or fasteners. Designed to be used in different indu ...

    Innovative Tape Solutions for The Appliance Industry (Post)

    Duraco manufacturers a variety of double-sided foam tapes that provide bonding and sealing solutions for appliance manufacturing and design. Our adhesive tape consists of two essential parts: a ...

    5 Unique Applications for Double-Sided Foam Tape(Post)

    Duraco offers a wide range of double-sided foam tape that can be applied to a variety of applications. Ideal for constructing POP displays, creating 3D effects, and securing signs and posters.

    Speed Is At The Heart Of Our Bonding Solutions(Post)

    For more than 65 years, Duraco has been a leading US-based manufacturer of foam, film, transfer, and other various pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) tapes. Over time, speed has become the heart of ou ...

    Tapes for Sealing Bags (Post)

    When shipping or packaging products, bags are growing in popularity to transport and contain consumer goods. The importance of using a bag, is to ensure that objects stay in their packaging during ...

    Is Tape Safe to Use on Walls? (Post)

    Are you working within the wall décor industry and looking for solutions to mount décor temporarily or permanently? If so, Duraco’s line of removable double-sided foam tapes is the answer. The mos ...

    Weather Stripping and Sealing Solutions(Post)

    When manufacturing your windows, doors, or other various applications something is needed to seal openings to protect applications from outside forces. That something, is called weather strip ...

    Tapes to Serve Diverse Markets (Post)

    At Duraco we provide tape products and solutions that serve a wide variety of markets and applications. When you need to optimize processes, improve your lead times, or build reliable products, our ...

    Replace Traditional Fasteners with Tape(Post)

    Duraco High Bond® (DHB) pressure sensitive tapes are designed to provide a strong bond between a broad variety of substrates. These tapes include a uniform, high-tack, adhesive that will easil ...

    ​When to Use Foam Tape(Post)

    Duraco manufactures and supplies several pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) tapes that are made to fit your specific application. Among our tapes, foam tapes are a favorite which are designed ...

    Secure Seal for Shipping Packages (Post)

    Secure packaging is essential to prevent damage from occurring during the shipment of packages. As online shopping is on the rise, the level of secure packaging to protect shipments is more criti ...

    Tips to Consider When Using Foam Tape(Post)

    No matter the project, it is important to choose a tape solution that offers a secure hold. Duraco’s foam tapes consist of a foam coated on both sides with an extremely aggressive rubber ...

    The Timeless Trio for Displays and Exhibits (Post)

    Have you ever walked into a store when an eye-catching display caught your attention? These are called point-of-purchase (POP) displays that are placed near merchandise to market and better promote ...

    Design Solutions for Low Surface Energy (LSE) Materials(Post)

    Low surface energy (LSE) materials tend to be designers' favorite materials to work with and utilize to create their applications. These materials provide innovative solutions to modernize the design ...

    Contact Form Test(Page)

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    Shipping Clerk(Page)

    General Responsibilities: To prepare all paperwork, labels and documents for shipping department. To process transactions as required. To assist Shipping Supervisor as required.   Specific Du ...

    Health and safety policy(Page)

    Updated January 1, 2020 Duraco is dedicated to providing a safe and healthy workplace for employees, contractors, and visitors. Appropriate to the nature and scale of our Occupational Health & S ...

    Customer Service Representative(Page)

    Job Summary: Duraco Specialty Tapes is a manufacturer of double-sided tapes and adhesive coated products. Duraco provides value to our customers through our unique manufacturing capabilities and abi ...

    Inside Sales Representative(Page)

    Job Summary:The Inside Sales Representative (ISR) generates revenue through a focused outbound sales effort. The ISR will utilize customer, product, and industry specific knowledge to engage and grow ...

    Machine Operator (2nd & 3rd Shift)(Page)

    The Machine Operator efficiently and safely produces the requested product to specification with the goal of providing an optimal product to the customer as required.   Responsibilities Set ...

  • Duraco Tear Tape



  • Duraco 2161 Tissue Tape



  • Duraco 2811 Tissue Tape



    $61.94 - $138.92
  • Duraco 1571 Transfer Tape



  • Duraco 1591 Transfer Tape



  • Duraco 1431 Transfer Tape



  • Duraco DKOF Transfer Tape



  • Duraco 1531 Transfer Tape



  • Duraco 4081 Film Tape



  • Duraco 4481 Film Tape



  • Duraco 4503 Bag Sealing Tape Acrylic



  • Duraco 4181 Film Tape Hi-Lo



    $99.06 - $131.71
  • Duraco 4813 Bag Sealing Tape Spool



  • 2461 Tissue Tape



  • DSTF Tissue Tape General Purpose



    $34.68 - $81.41
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